Announcing Daily Record Label and Band Lineup

We’re thrilled to announce the daily lineup for record labels and artists for this year’s Atlanta Record Label Fest! We have a little something for everyone, and are excited to showcase these talented artists!

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Saturday Aug 20

Crazy Bags (Retro Futurist)
Slow Parade (Cottage Recording Co.)
Chelsea Shag (Madison Records)
Small Reactions (Bear Kids Recordings)
Monday/Friday, Willi Dudat, 4-Ize, Blc Txt, and Boog Brown (Working Class Music Group)
Dr. Conspiracy (Psych Army Intergalactic)
Stickfigure Records

Sunday August 21

Dillon (Full Plate)
Mara (Deer Bear Wolf)
WAKE (Underground Field Recordings)
Eureka California (Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records)
Hand Sand Hands (Arrowhawk Records)
Sad Fish (Megafuss)
Dead Neighbors (Fall Break Records)

Special thank you to our sponsors:

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The Seay Firm
Georgia Music Partners
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