Blood Drunk Records

Founded by Brandon Pittman (Swank Sinatra) in 2010, the label started out as a digital only label until 2014 when they released their first piece of vinyl. Now the label has a series of cassettes out and vinyl coming out later this year.

“Blood Drunk Records is a collective of like-minded individuals that simply want to make good underground and independent music heard to as many people as will listen, while actively having  an interest in preserving the arts and culture of the underground.

Our collective of individuals are either currently playing in bands, or have experience in the music industry. When you promote Blood Drunk Records, you are directly promoting the artist and music involved with it.”


Amateur Night at Club Stupid
Bear Knuckle
Clibber Jones Ensemble
Cinema Novo
Hello Cobra
Joy Kills
Phossy Jaw
Pretend Surprise
Sneaky Hand
Swank Sinatra
Waking The Bates