Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records

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Happy Happy Birthday to Me records started out as a one-off compilation CD to be given away with the 4th anniversary issue of the Bee’s Knees zine in July of 1999. I asked lots of bands that I had interviewed in past issues, and that I knew to contribute songs, and almost all of them did. I then shopped the CD/Zine to some distributors, and it presold more copies than I had planned on pressing. So I upped the amount pressed, and had so much fun doing the CD, I then decided to jump right in to doing a 7″ singles club. While working on the club, I released a few CDs, and the rest is history… it was never really meant to be a label, it just sorta happened. The name for the label comes from the first compilation title Happy Happy Birthday to Me. The first CD was a celebration I threw for the zine for making it to the 4 year mark. So the name just stuck.